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MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show Collections (Lots of pictures!)

It's taken me a long time to write this post because I was never sure how to start it. Lots of people talked about how this collection sold out within a few hours online. Some people started with their own RHPS story. I guess I'll do both.

Rocky Horror Picture Show is very important to me. It's hard to explain why, but it always makes me happy. I think it's because it's something I know very well, and it's a cult classic so there's this little group of fans that just connect every time it's brought up. I started watching Rocky Horror when VH1 was showing it, I think usually around Halloween. I first saw the beginning, then the end, then finally saw the whole thing and I feel like, at 14, I was probably too young to be watching it but I did anyway. When I was 16, I found out that a local theatre was doing a midnight showing. I convinced my friend to come with me and we loved it! Since it was the first showing for this small town, they didn't really know what they were doing either, so I feel like I grew with them (and literally with them as I'll explain in a moment.) The next year they did it again, so my friend and I decided to dress up - as we'd researched the shadowcast performances since the year before - and brought our boyfriends at the time. This time, the company decided to start marking virgins to do the "Virgin Sacrifice" before the show and we felt pretty good knowing we weren't virgins that year. The next year, I was in college and was talking about the show with a friend of mine. He told me he was in a cast with some people from the college across the river and that he was sure they needed more Transylvanians (ensemble people in the cast) so he got me in touch with the director. I went to one rehearsal and met everyone that I had seen on stage the year before. I got to be a Transylvanian for 2 years, then had the honor of being Columbia my junior year of college. During my senior year, I had to back out of the performance, since my senior project was taking precedence and the rehearsals and midnight shows were in the town over an hour north of my college. It got to be some late nights. The director all but begged me to stay, but 7 friends of mine and I booked a couple rooms at a hotel and all went - dressed up of course. I made sure to go every year after that, since I hadn't moved away yet. Even since moving to LA, I found out about a cast that performs every Saturday and finally got to go to a midnight show with my current boyfriend. We're going again this year (of course). For me, it just isn't Halloween without Rocky Horror.

My college also did the stage version 2 years after I graduated, but was still living there and boyfriend got to be Rocky! I asked the director (one of my old professors) if there was any way that I could be involved, and he let me sit in on tech rehearsals and yell all the callback lines at the actors to help them get used to it. I also ushered for every performance so I could be there to start the yelling.

I heard a rumor of this collection probably 2 months ago and thought "It's about damn time someone does a RHPS inspired makeup collection!" but I didn't realize the extent of craziness for MAC collections. I wasn't sure what lipstick colors I wanted, or if I wanted the blush - I figured I'd try them in store and decide - so I didn't immediately order everything online. I had a bunch of stuff in my cart, and by the time I realized I should just buy some things and then decide later, half my cart was sold out. I was still able to get the eyeshadow pallet, the sculpt and shape powder, the blue greasepaint stick, and both glitters. Then I called my local MAC store to see if they had anything available. They informed me the closest store selling the collection was at Hollywood and Highland (the biggest touristy mall in LA). I called that store and they told me they still had 3 shades of lipstick, the blush, etc etc... so I drove down there after work and bought 2 lipsticks, the blush, and the black greasepaint stick. I would still like to get the 2 nail polishes and the red pigment.

ANYWAY! On with the pictures and swatches! That's what you're here for...

 This is my collection!

 The outer packaging is a soft black with the classic lips and "bleeding" font.

The inside of the packaging is brilliant! The characters are all right there when you open the box.

 The blush is called Crazed Imagination and apparently is a "frost", which a lot of people were concerned about. It's described as a "muted plum with a hint of pink pearl". I think it's a gorgeous mauvey type color. It applies very sheer but is great for layering. The first time I wore it, I fell in love. And it is not too shiny! Don't be worried about the frost description. It's more of a light shimmer. (swatch below)

 Out of the 4 lipsticks they had in this collection, I bought 2: Oblivion and Strange Journey. There was also Sin, but it was too dark for my taste, and Frank N Further, which immediately sold out. Oblivion is described as a "vivid blushred" but for me it's more on the berry side of red. It is the only amplified color of the 4, which is MAC's way of saying creamy. Strange Journey is described as "yellowish brick red" and is on the orange side of red. It is a matte color, which I'm not used to but it was easy to apply and never felt drying. 

Swatches: Top - Crazed Imagination blush (look closely)
Middle - Oblivion amplified lipstick
Bottom - Strange Journey matte lipstick

Me wearing Strange Journey. Sorry for quality.

Wearing Oblivion. I'll replace the picture with one in better light when I get one

My plan was to only buy the blue greasepaint stick, even though I don't wear blue eyeshadow like that, but once I swatched the black in the store I just had to buy it. I tried to capture the beautiful purple tones in the black. I've actually been using it as an eyeliner and it's lasted all day, no smudging. I imagine it works the same for all over the eye. Now that I've actually seen the blue, I'm so happy I grabbed that when I could!

 I was also very excited about this sculpt and shape powder in Bone Beige and Emphasize. First it was because I could definitely see using this to recreate a makeup look from the movie. Then I swatched it in the store and realized the lighter colors would be perfect for my light/medium skin. The Bone Beige is a bit shimmery but the Emphasize is completely matte. 

 A lot of people were disappointed in this eyeshadow pallet. I obviously had to buy it for the name: Riff Raff. The color choice could be better, but I understand the darker colors. And 4/6 of the names are pretty uninspired, and I think they're colors you can get normally. From top to bottom on the swatch they are: 
Oh, Rocky! (light at the very top, a silver with a hint of yellow), 
Crystal (soft muted white with pearl, slightly lavender), 
Blackberry (*yawn* matte burgundy), 
Graphic Style (soft silvery gray), 
Heavy Black and Pendulous (the best name ever. Bluish gray shimmer),  
Carbon (matte black. Does not apply easily)

I don't wear glitter. But I had to buy these. Maybe some day I'll really need some gold glitter? Actually, I figured I could try them out as nail polishes. The black glitter reminds me of Columbia's top, and the gold of course would be her coat and hat. If I figure out how to use these, I will post pictures.

And because I told you my whole story at the top, I'll share some pictures of me at Rocky Horror over the years with you:
The year I played Columbia. Sadly, I don't have a lot of pictures from this :(

First year not being in the cast. Went with the best people!

The next year only a couple could come. I miss these boys!

Then the year after, just 2 of us and no crazy makeup. We had to drive an hour home at 4am after
the show and both had to work the next day 

This was before the stage version at our college. Most of the same people I went with years before.

Then I bought the alien costumes from the costume designer and wore it to the midnight show. After that night, I then sold them to the shadow cast to use because they were way too good to sit around in my closet.

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